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Welcome to The Authentic Turkish Market
Welcome to The Authentic Turkish Market

Our Story

Welcome to Mahalle:)

Now that we have met some of you at Mahalle Shop, we have already started to create new friendships. We also shared our story with you over coffee chats but for those who don't know it, we wanted to tell the story of Mahalle.

We are a family business. I'm Burak Arcan. In 2020, we moved to Dubai with our 2 kids after my wife's company offered her a career opportunity in Dubai. While my wife was still working in that company, I decided to establish a company in Dubai and to bring the most delicious tastes of Turkish Cuisine to the United Arab Emirates.

When we decided to open Mahalle, our first rule was ‘not to sell anything we didn't eat’. That's why we spent the summer of 2021 travelling all around Turkey and choosing products. We had to do this because our aim was to bring you local products, not just well-known brands. In fact, we wanted to support women's labor and cooperatives by purchasing local products from women's cooperatives, women's initiatives and farmer cooperatives as much as possible. We met amazing women all over Turkey. We were guests at their tables and tasted delicious Anatolian delicacies. We supported the them in terms of export requirements. They produced their best products and we brought them to you. From time to time, we share videos of them on our social media accounts. If you have seen the energy in those videos, you have already understood very clearly what it means for them to be accepted your tables :)

More cooperatives and many local producers await next. In 2022, we will continue to bring products from different regions of Turkey. These will be products that will appeal not only to Turks living in the United Arab Emirates but also to many other nationalities. Because we know many friends living here like Turkish Cuisine very much. (And yes: You can now have that amazing Turkish breakfast in UAE which you had at the hotel in Turkey😊)

In the meantime, based on the feedback we received from our friends during the establishment phase, we offer you not only food but also some non-food products. These can be products that we may need daily, as well as very special design products. We also share their stories on our social media accounts from time to time.

We invite you to our shop at Arenco Tower, Dubai Internet City to get to know our products better and chat over a coffee.

See you at Mahalle!