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Welcome to The Authentic Turkish Market
Welcome to The Authentic Turkish Market

Gluten-free Granola 'Mixed Fruit' / Karışık Meyveli Granola

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Dhs. 60.90
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This jar has taste and health!


We bring you our sugar-free, additive/preservative-free, high-fiber, abundant granolas in a special glass jar!

Our granola, which we carefully prepared with the highest quality raw materials, is now ready!


We know, some days you may not have time to have breakfast and you may want to create alternatives for yourself,

You can consume our granola, which you can consume for breakfast or as a snack at any time, with milk or yogurt, or you can try it as a dry snack, If you wish, you can use seasonal fruits for different granola recipes and create colorful bowls for yourself!

Announced to those who want to eat healthy and those who are on a diet: Our granola supports your satiety time with its high fiber content!



Why DK granola?

We researched the best of each material, selected and brought together the best for you, As we do at home, we produce and jar boutique and careful production, We are happy to present you with our healthy and natural granola! We do not use refined sugar in our granola, it gets its taste from the perfect harmony of date puree, currants, and dried mulberry,


You will feel the crispy pumpkin seeds and carefully selected almonds in every bite and you will not be able to give up the harmony of taste with health!

In addition to being good protein, the oilseeds in it contain vitamin minerals such as vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and copper,


300 gr